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We Will Speed Up The Development Of Leisure Agriculture To Increase Farmers' Income.
Mar 29, 2018

On April 13, 2015, the director of the sixth national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration county of the national agriculture and animal husbandry and fishery bureau began to work in the ministry of agriculture management cadre institute. The member of the agriculture ministry's party group Yang shaoxing attended the opening ceremony and made the keynote report.

Yang Shaopin pointed out that the current urban and rural population, residents' income, the national economy, social employment, etc. A lot of structural changes in international trade, development of agriculture and rural areas is facing the new situation, supply, security, promote the income and the sustainable development of the pressure is more outstanding, must grasp the time request, comprehensively deepen rural reform, vigorously promote agricultural development way transformation and structure adjustment, promote the development of rural industry 123 fusion, promote agricultural efficiency and farmers' income.

Yang Shaopin stressed that leisure agriculture and rural tourism as a new form and new forms of consumption, has the function of promoting income of economy, create more employment opportunities of social function, protect the function of spreading the culture of farming civilization, beautify the ecological function of the rural environment, is the new industry development in the next period of a potential economic growth point. Each leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration county should develop leisure agriculture as an important work to grasp. Participants should take full advantage of this training to learn nutrition from the class and learn from each other in the exchange.

Under the leadership of the department of personnel and labor of the ministry of agriculture, the training course is guided by the agricultural products processing bureau (township enterprises bureau), and the department of agriculture management cadre institute. Five days of training will be around the leisure agriculture and rural tourism sustainable and healthy development, creative design, credit financing, brand cultivation, such as arrange 7 theme lectures, organizing students to visit Beijing changping district agriculture carnival scene teaching, invite jiangning area of jiangsu province and other places concerned comrades, leisure agriculture in Taiwan, head of the association for the advancement of case teaching, and the policy support, infrastructure gear upgrades, standardized management, environmental protection and other issues of common concern to students to conduct workshops.

China national tourism administration, planning department chief priests Peng Decheng, director of the ministry of agriculture agricultural products processing bureau (township enterprises) ZongJinYao deputy director general of the personnel division of labor, ministry of agriculture xue-feng pan, the ministry of agriculture management cadre institute President Chiang XieXin KaiBanShi. National leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration county agriculture department head and the ministry of agriculture system cadre altogether 114 people participate in the current training.