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    QinHo Group(HK) Co.,Ltd

    QinHo Group (HK) Co., Ltd is a comprehensive manufacturer of fishing nets and fishing gear. It is mainly engaged in manufacturing HDPE fishing nets, nylon multifilament fishing nets, designing and customizing various marine trawl nets and trawl accessories. Manufacture of various marine and lake fishing traps, fishing lines, hooks for sea fishing, lake fishing, and various derivative products, fishing lines and hooks, also providing the sports training fence nets, horse straw bags, longline fishing and other products.

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    QinHo Group(HK) Co.,Ltd

    QINHO company has advanced production technology, advanced service concepts and strong product supporting resources, and sells to more than 100 countries and hundreds of regions.

    Welcome customers from all over the world to contact us. At the same time, we aim at provide procurement assistance to customers all over the world who hope to purchase other types of fishing gear and nets in China

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    • Factory Area

      QinHo Group(HK) Co.,Ltd is located in the beautiful coastal city of Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China. There is a natural sea transportation port and abundant seafood resources. It has always been a place for fish and a blessed place for fishermen. A number of excellent fishing nets makers and fishing gear manufacturers lasted under the good natural resources and a long history.

    • Production Capacity

      QinHo Group (HK) Co., Ltd has a team of up to 150 people, and there are more than 20 outstanding engineers and technicians. It can meet all-round operations of fishing netting, fishing lines, fishing hooks and fishing gear design, manufacturing, sales, and transportation. In terms of finished product manufacturing, a team of up to 100 people assists in the production. The company's strong warehousing capacity can prepare enough raw materials for the production of finished products. Relying on the advantages of natural fishing ports, sea port and the completeness of the supporting industrial chain of various fishing gears, it can guarantee sales to the greatest extent. Meet the needs of any market during the peak season.

    • OEM solutions

      QinHo Group (HK) Co., Ltd accepts OEM/ODM, factory direct sales, corporate team gift customization, product wholesale and other bulk order business.

    • After-sales Service

      It is essential to have an excellent after-sales service team, to support the competition in market. Our engineers have been 45 years rich experience in fishing filed, the average engineer experience is up to 20 years. Meanwhile, we have a very skilled handmade team whose the average working age is about 15 years.
      Rich experience brings us the ability to quickly determine and analyze the root causes of product problems, and can quickly respond to customer requests. There is a dedicated team to assist customers with various pre-sales and after-sales services.

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