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Long Lines

Commercial Fishing Long lines. This fishing long lines, are specilized in commercial fishing. Been widely used in some European countries and North America. Actually, it is one traditonal fishingmethods. It is mainly combine by three part, the lead line/short fishing line/hooks. Usually the lead lines, are from hundreds meter to thousands. Hooks, are customized, accordingly to different fish. QinHo, have own machines for produce lines. Moreover, have a professional handmade team. For these reason, QinHo is the only one who have ability to mass production it.
  • Commercial Fishing Long Line

    Commercial Fishing Long Line

    This kind commercial fishing long lines, is a unique design while a traditional fishing methods. It looks easy be made, actually have high requires to handmade level. Knot from lead line to short line, short line to hooks, will become more tight under bigger pull strength.Read More
Welcome to wholesale high quality long lines from professional long lines manufacturers and suppliers in China here. For customized service, please inform our factory of details in advance.