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Why Choose Us

Technical team: QinHo Group has more than 10 technical workers, and each one has more than 20 years experience of design and manufacturing.


Material: QinHo not only has our own finished product processing workshop, but also have long-term cooperation with other leading manufacturing industries in this field.


Accessories: Each materials of QinHo has more than 15 years cooperation.

Through mutual understanding, the supply chain is perfect.


Fishing net, fishing line, fishing rope: adopt environmental protection raw materials, deep processing. The raw materials for each product are in line with international standards.


Trawl: QinHo customized trawls for different sizes vessels , It be caught in most of the world’s sea areas under highly efficiency. Besides, we also have our own fleet fishing and have rich practical experience.

Other Fishing products: Different the cutting-edge manufacturing companies in the industry have long-term cooperation with us, provide our best products and best delivery.

 Why Choose Us