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About Qinho

QINHO is a group company that specializes in exporting various fishing materials and finished fishing nets. In the early stage , it was a state-owned enterprise. Afterwards, several like-minded partners , worked in Ocean Institute, they operate it independently.


After more than 47 years of post-renovation, from the initial simple processing of fishing nets to later spinning, weaving nets, shaping, design, preparation of finished fishing nets, formed a one-stop processing. After a long period of practical application and production experience, the finished fishing nets now include a series of nets, such as trawls, fences, cages, crab cages, shrimp cages, hand throw nets, nylon monofilament nets, nylon composite nets and polyester nets.


In the following years, the company developed and produced various kinds of fishing nets in cooperation with cutting-edge companies in fishery fields.


From beginning to end, we have been adhering to the production of high quality fishing nets and fishing gear products, providing quality and efficient service to all countries in the world.