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Fishery + Tourism Opens A New Model Of Modern Fishery.
Mar 29, 2018

Stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and experience country fishing. Quanzhou city in recent years, make full use of the existing location advantages and resources advantages, vigorously develop urban recreational fishery, implements the effective connection of primary industry and tertiary industry, has opened up a new channel fishing efficiency and increasing the income of the fishermen, as a new growth point of fishery economy. At present, quanzhou has established 16 "water villages and fishing villages", among which, quanzhou miao xinshuixiang fishing village won the title of "national recreational fishery demonstration base" in 2014. In 2015, it is estimated that quanzhou leisure fishery production value is expected to reach 36 million yuan, up 20% year on year.

Miao xin water village, located in the river town of luojiang district, is only 20 kilometers away from quanzhou city. Surrounded by mountains and clear water, Japanese koi and other ornamental fish can be seen everywhere. In view of the fishing area, people can shake off the fishing rod, play a game with the fish in the water, and enjoy the fun of fishing.

Simon Lin xin water fishing village head, fishing in the park is not only a rare tree species and quality fruit, excellent ornamental peach blossom Lin, also built, rare birds breeding farm high-tech garden ornamental garden, forest of hiking, tourist service center, barbecue area, multi-purpose restaurant, water villas, hotel accommodation facilities, infrastructure, such as multi-functional meeting room can hold more than 200 people take part in recreational fishery activities once, reception, catering, amusement, etc, have a rest, meet the needs of tourists returning to nature, loosen body and mind. In order to attract more tourists, the fishing villages often use various holidays to catch small fish, catch the snails, cast nets and other interesting fishing activities.

"The summer and autumn season is the peak tourist season here. During the National Day holiday last year, it was almost full every day." Mr. Lin said that since the creation of the fishing village in 2006, the number of tourists has been increasing, which has led local villagers to obtain employment locally. More than half of the workers in the park are nearby villagers, and the arrival of tourists has led to the sale of locally featured agricultural products.

In order to extend the fishery industry chain and transform fishery economic growth mode, fujian province began to push the tourism project of "water township fishing village" in 2007 to build a recreational fishery industry. Fujian's "water village" project in leisure, food, popular science, not only on the ornamental function such as mining, will also carry out with the combination of agriculture, forestry, horticulture and other industry, fishery internal mutual combination of one, two, three industry, and the combination of different fishery leisure form and content.

As a new type of fishery industry, leisure fishery is between fishery and leisure tourism, and has both advantages and unique charm. The development of leisure fishery industry plays an important role in promoting the new growth point of fishery economy. Quanzhou oceanic &fishery administration relevant controller introduces, declare "water village" project requires a certain size, concentrated, rational layout, the water for recreational fishery activities not less than 50 mu (or more than relying on the surface of the water area is in commonly 200 mu). All for fishery production facilities, facilities, complete, a one-time receives more than 50 people to attend the corresponding recreational fishery activities, including accommodation, catering, amusement, etc, have a rest activity base can declare "water village" project. The provincial oceanic and fisheries department and the provincial tourism bureau will give a subsidy of 300,000 yuan to the projects of the provincial "water villages and fishing villages", and give the project publicity and promotion.