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Underwater Farming

  • Scallop Cages

    Scallop Cages

    Scallop cage is one kind of aquaculture farming equipment, especially marine fisheries. Also known as lantern cage or aquaculture cage for shellfish sowing, seedlings, growth, rearing, planting, finishing and breeding. It can also be applied to other shellfish such as...Read More
  • Oyster Growing Cages

    Oyster Growing Cages

    We are a professional net maker and providing design, production and sales of various scallop cages, oyster cages, sea cucumber cage and so on.Read More
  • Seaweed Net

    Seaweed Net

    Seaweed net Seaweed net, is a kind of vegetable planting netting. The raw materials of formula already be in body of netting. When use, only put it into sea water directly, it is easy to operate.Read More
  • Kelp Net

    Kelp Net

    Kelp Net Kelp net, is a kind of kelp planting netting. 1.Material: The plastic netting is processed and made of polyethylene and polypropylene. 2.Colors: orange, green, black, etc. 3.Width: 90 - 250cm, Opening is from4-100mm, thickness from 1mm to 10mm 4.Weight: not less than...Read More
  • Square Fishing Net Cage

    Square Fishing Net Cage

    Square fishing net cage Specification Square cage is suitable for placing in inland sea and lake. It is the mail alternative for the rafts. According to customer requirements, the specifications for 2m*2m to 10m*10m. Remarks: Size based on customer's demands 1, Suitable...Read More
  • Huge Circular Fishing Net

    Huge Circular Fishing Net

    Plastic Fish Container Remark: OEM and ODM provided, welcome your contact if any customized required !Read More
Welcome to wholesale high quality underwater farming from professional underwater farming manufacturers and suppliers in China here. For customized service, please inform our factory of details in advance.