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After The Internet + Leisure Fishing, The Fishermen Received Nearly A Thousand Visitors A Day.
Mar 29, 2018

"From April 30 to now, I really don't have time for a good rest." On May 1, at 1600 hours, ye had just sent a group of tourists returning to Hong Kong, speaking to reporters during the break. The post-1990 "fisherman" is a fresh graduate of the university. On May 1st international labor day, he realized the hardship of labor and the joy of harvest.

He and his brother grew up knowing the hardships of their father's fishing. "Daya bay has such good recreational fishery resources, the leisure fishery must have a lot to do." The brothers in information engineering decided to choose a new field after graduation. They update their father in the traditional marketing way, the open web sites, microblogging and micro letter, and cooperate with famous group-buying brand, promote leisure fishery products, and plans to upgrade the traditional recreational fishery management way, the development of new projects.

"We're young, we can stand." Ye Rui jiaqi hand rubbed his eyes, said on April 30, all day, busy after the holiday the preparations for the reception of visitors, while going off work, a company will get in touch with them, to rent the leisure boat festival party. It was a small business, and he immediately dispatched staff and materials to call the recreational fishing boat many times, until late at night, when the last group of tourists was finished.

On May 1, tourists who booked the service through the online group-buying platform cancelled their orders because of the bad weather. "Originally, we planned to put this group of tourists together with another group of tourists, so the cost would be much smaller." But in order not to affect another group of tourists, even less money is planned to travel according to the original plan, said ye.

"On May 1, we received nearly 1,000 visitors and many orders on the 2nd and 3rd." In order to serve the tourists, he hasn't had a good rest since April 30, he said. "I'm young and I can handle it if everyone has a good time." "Said ye, laughing.