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About Us

QinHo Group (HK) Co.,Ltd is a world leader and manufacturer of fishing net. Engineer have been more than 45 years experience in this field.

QinHo have always put a great effort in product innovation and do we have a very close co-operation with our clients in the process of product development. QinHo is your single-source supplier for every facet of fishing systems, from the cut netting to complete fishing net.

Our comprehensive range off fishing net including:

semi manufactured polyethylene monofilament / multifilament nets;
Semi manufactured polyester fiber monofilament / multifilament nets;
Semi manufactured nylon fiber monofilment / multifilament nets;
Semi manufactured dyneema monofilment / multifilament nets;
finished or semi-finished trawl nets;
finished or semi-finished gill net;
finished or semi-finished seines;
finished or semi-finished live boxes;
finished single / double line cod end;
nylon monofilament line;
America style cast net;
seaweed net;
Polyethylene / Polyester fiber / Nylon fiber / Dyneema fiber wire and rope and other related derivative product.