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The Structural Features Of Deep Water Network Box.
May 12, 2018

1. 1 gravity type polyethylene box.

Introduced in the hainan high in 1998 full floating gravity cages, Norway, zhejiang putuo, rongcheng city, weihai, Qingdao in shandong and zhejiang Ryan successively introduced the cages, and introduced the sedimentation type area, shenzhen city, guangdong province. At home, several enterprises and Taiwan enterprises have started to copy high-density polyethylene full-floating net boxes, but they need to be further improved in material, craft and technology. Fujian fisheries research institute and quanzhou ocean and water production bureau cooperation. A settlement cage has been developed and has been tested.

This kind of network box basically is round, make with high density polyethylene material. Two to three 250mm diameter polyethylene pipes are used for the forming and buoyancy of the net box. The person can walk on it and the mesh is hung on the floating frame. The upper circle USES 125mm diameter tube as the handrail, and the bracket between the upper and lower circles is also made of polyethylene. At present, the domestic use is about 50 to 60m in circumference, and foreign countries have developed the specifications such as 90-120m girth. If a closed mesh is used, the floating frame is installed with no gas and the inlet and drain valve can be raised and lowered.

This kind of network box operation management is convenient, the bait is easy and can observe the fish feeding, the equipment cost is low. However, under the effect of the current, the clothing drift is serious, the volume loss rate is high, suitable for the harbour and semi-open sea area.

1. 2 floating rope cage.

The floating string mesh box is an improvement of the floating cage. In contrast, it has strong anti-wind and wave performance, which is used in Japan as early as possible. The net box is composed of rope, box, buoyancy and iron anchor. It is a soft structure, which can fluctuate with the fluctuation of the wind and waves. Second, the box is a six-sided enclosure, not easy to cover the wind and waves to drown the fish to escape. The flexible frame consists of two diameters 2. The 5cm polypropylene rope is the main cable, with multiple diameter of 1. The nylon rope or polypropylene rope of 7cm is used as a pair of cable, which is connected into a set of soft frame of the net box.

The operation and management of this kind of network box is more convenient. Under the action of sea current, the volume loss rate is also higher. The biggest advantage is making customers easy and cheap. Aquaculture fishermen can make their own and adjust the structure according to the local sea conditions. From the convenience of breeding management, the size of 15·20·8m is suitable for the estuary and coastal waters. Zhejiang xiangshan has nearly 60 such large net cases of the sea aquaculture, is now the largest deep water network box production base in China.

1. Three dish box

Originally made in the United States, zhejiang shengsi has introduced two pilot plants. Hangzhou feiying co., LTD. Cooperated with the Marine fishery research institute of zhejiang province, and developed another kind of dish - shaped net box to operate under the sea.

The American dish - shaped net box is also called the central cylindrical net box, the ocean station semi-rigid net box. It consists of a floating rod and a floating ring. The floating rod is a 1m-long galvanized steel tube with a diameter of 16m. As the central shaft, it serves as the middle support of the whole network box and the lifting device of the main buoyancy change. 6-30min can be lowered from the surface to 30m depth. The perimeter is made up of 12 galvanized tubes with a circumference of 80m and a diameter of 2.5m, which is a floating ring. A mesh garment made of 12 ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibers (i.e. Dyneema) is used to form a disc shape with an area of 600m2 and a capacity of 3000m3. The box body is not deformed at the throttle speed of 2.25, and the anti-wave ability is 7m. Upper cages have pipe is easy to throw the bait fish and, there is a zipper on the upper net of entrance, for divers, the high-pressure spray on them in order to facilitate cleaning net, collect the dead fish, check the net broken.

This kind of net box has good anti-wind and wave performance, and the loss of breeding volume is less, which is more suitable for open sea area. However, the cost of imported equipment is high, and the management and baiting are inconvenient, which is often operated by divers.