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Fishing Cage Setting.
May 12, 2018

(1) selection of aquaculture area. Should choose not to be affected by the factory, urban living sewage, shelter, sun, not typhoon or the west winter wind side impact, the flow is fluent, the water quality of the strange inner bay or ocean area. The sediment in the aquaculture area is good, and the water depth is more than 5 meters high.

(2) network box setting. The construction of the cage shall be rejected by the difference. Building pile forward or the number of the anchor should be in accordance with the tidal current, wave shape and small fish raft university, a set of 2 x 4-6 forward fish raft can determine in flood tide head, the anchor pile head or only 3-4, cable roughness is 1000-1000 (2.5 cm in diameter at the mercy of polyethylene rope, circuitous length with the tide, as broad as the depth of high level 4 to 6 times.

(3) layout of the network box. For the abundant operation of the sea area and abandon the delicate ecological premise of the sea area, it should be controlled at 5% of the net box cultivation area, not exceeding 10% of the total area of the sea area. The setting of the fishing line should be adjusted to the direction of flow, and the return route should be drawn.

Grazing skill

(1) release of fish species. These days, the net box farmed bass species are harvested from artificial sea areas, which are artificially bred to raise the adult night specifications of the fish species, which are about 500 to 750 grams/tail after a year of farming. The stocking density of fish species should be determined according to the requirements of the species, the specifications of the fish, the premise of raising the sea area and the degree of the degree of shooting.

Today, the density of farmed bass in our city is the same as that of 250-300 tail/box. The annual output reaches 120-150 kg/box, and the stocking density of the two age fish is 150-200 tail/box, and the annual output is 160-225 kg/box. Nowadays, we have a single feed in our city, and the economic benefit and ecological benefit of our city should be overlaid with fish such as seabuckfish. [1].