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The Characteristics And High Yield Principle Of The Cage Fish.
May 12, 2018

Caged fish is also called "caged fish", is made of plastic wire or metal mesh, assembly with a certain shape and size of box body, set used to breed fish in the water that is suitable for fish. Is caged fish aquaculture industry in the world today a new technology to the development of intensive production, has a high output, low cost, small investment, easy to manage, section to save energy and effective developing large rivers and lakes water fishery holding point.

The principle of high productivity of the net box keeping fish is: first, the fish is kept in the net box, the activity quantity is reduced, the respiration rate is reduced, the metabolism is slow, the energy consumption is reduced, and it is beneficial to the transformation and accumulation of nutrients. The second is the free exchange of external water in the box, and the abundant oxygen and natural bait are obtained. The fish waste is brought out of the box with the water, and the water quality is fresh, so that the fish have a superior living environment. Third, it can avoid the invasion of fish and aquatic animals in the water and improve the survival rate. Fourth, according to different fish, the preparation of different feed, favorable and high yield and fish disease control; Five is the net box is easy to manage, the fish starts the water convenient, the recovery rate is high.