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Illuminated Fishing Nets Can Greatly Reduce Fishing Damage To Seabirds
Aug 14, 2018

A study published by the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom recently showed that the commonly used gill nets for fishing can easily cause seabirds and other marine life to entangle and cause harm. If you install a small, low-cost LED on the fishing net, you can greatly reduce this type of damage.

The international team led by researchers at the University of Exeter analyzed the additional damage to seabirds and other creatures in the Peruvian coastal area during the fishing process. These fishing gears are usually fixed in the waters to trap sea fish, but Many seabirds are easily entangled in fishing nets when they sneak into the water to prey.

Illuminated fishing nets.jpg

The report, published in the British Royal Society's Open Science Journal, shows that after installing a light-emitting diode on a fishing net, the number of seabirds trapped in it is 85% less than that of a non-lighted fishing net. Previous studies have also shown that this method can also reduce the number of turtles trapped in fishing nets by 64%.