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How Does Trawling Affect The Environment
Jul 26, 2018

With the development of trawling operations, the offshore fish stocks of various countries have experienced a sharp decline, especially the decline of the bottom and near-level traditional economic fish resources.

Trawling while fishing a large number of fish and shrimp, but also "plow" the submarine homes on which marine life depends, the remaining marine life will be more difficult to survive.

Due to the high fishing efficiency of trawling gear, the high fishing intensity will affect the long-term utilization of fishery resources. To this end, countries around the world have adopted protective measures such as prohibiting fishing seasons, prohibiting fishing areas and fishing quotas, and limiting the mesh size of nets. In addition, the development of offshore fisheries and deep-water fisheries in the oceans has been developed to alleviate the catch of fish stocks in the coastal waters.

At this stage of the continuous decline of offshore fishery resources, in order to maintain the sustainable development of the marine fishing industry, in addition to compressing fishing vessels to encourage fishermen to switch jobs, it is also an important way to guide more trawlers to the production of spur nets.