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What Are Trawl Nets
Aug 14, 2018

Trawling is the use of the movement of the ship, dragging the fishing gear forward in the seabed or seawater, forcing the fishing gear to enter the net through the fishing objects such as fish, shrimps and crabs in the water, to achieve the purpose of fishing.

Trawling operations are flexible, adaptable and have high production efficiency. Modern trawling gear can be used not only for catching fish, but also for fishing for cephalopods, shellfish and crustaceans; it can be used not only for fishing objects with a depth of only a few meters or tens of meters, but also for fishing habitats. Deep sea species of kilometers.

The fishing targets are mainly bottom and near-bottom fish, shrimp and mollusks, such as oysters, clams, octopus, horse lice, large yellow croaker, small yellow croaker, squid, calamari, clams, shrimps, crabs and Qinghai Lake in the land waters, naked knives, silver carp, white shrimp and so on. Trawling is one of the most important fishing methods in modern times.