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The use and skill of fishing nets.
Apr 07, 2018

Net methods have a lot of, some methods have been lost, but there are only two, the purpose of the net is a distant waters, one is close to waters, far and near and method is different, we can compare common hands the net method, a brief introduction to the the first rope cylinder and the above net o-ring clockwise around the left hand, left hand lift nets, right hand will lift the following net, net surface in the middle of right hand brought near a wisp of cable, clutch in his left hand, this time with the right hand fingers will average net department is divided into two parts, and then assigned to the hands, both hands flat end nets, right hand span 40 cm, the front of the eyes to observe the surface cleaning within 10 m, right hand drive the left hand, keep your hands out parallel forward.

Far and near and some different, nearly is hands will open action, and far and is after the net will be cast a distance, fishnet rely on inertia will open the process, as far sa need to exert greater force, finishing in front of the net online method is the same with the right hand, left hand hold the right hand below 20 cm of the nets, similar lun lamented posture, then double-wall swing, make the network buffer, then dropped by 30 degree Angle into the distance, nets in the first 10 m scope spread slowly, 10-15 m completely opened into the water, the net need hand, waist and eye coordination, the initial should understand, slowly to be near, it is important to note every time leaves, weeds and other debris inside the net clean, prevent in nets and don't open.


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