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The method of making up nets and cages.
Apr 07, 2018

Net repair refers to the use of the same specification of nets to repair the mesh. Nets manufacturers and fishermen, the most commonly contacted technology is "mesh". For fishing nets manufacturers, at home, whether have netting or no netting, in the process of weaving nets (national standard), or in shape, storage, handling, always fishing nets hole phenomenon. For fishery practitioners, it is more necessary to catch up on network technology, because fishing nets often break up in fishing operations. The degree of frequency is directly proportional to the number of catches, and the damage is unavoidable, whether it is by dragging, rounding or settling. It is the same thing that happens when you are in a fishing net, due to improper storage or being taken away by animals. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal fishery fishing, the network repair work is very important.

In order to make full use of the mesh, the broken and broken meshes should be repaired. Therefore, the mesh is one of the important basic technologies needed to be mastered by fishing workers and fishing nets.

There are generally three steps to carry out fishing net repair work:

1. Firstly, observe the damage of the mesh, the damage of the network is varied, the degree is different, there are basically three types: broken hole, crack and bevelled fracture. According to the situation, after proper arrangement, then use the fishing net line to repair.

2. Determine the repair method according to the shape and size of the hole.

3. Repair work with appropriate repair methods, not only good quality, but also fast.

There are two ways to repair a mesh:

1. The patching method is suitable for the mesh repair of small holes and cracks. It is the most commonly used. Skilled in the preparation method to avoid the occurrence of small holes in the mesh. It is divided into single - line and double - wire. Single - wire mesh for the net clothing, the process requirements are stricter. It's the stuff. It is more expensive to make up the rewire, but it is fast and the process is low.

2. The embedding method is suitable for large holes in fishing nets. The interpolation method is also called the excavation method, which is very efficient in repairing large holes, which can save time and manpower greatly. Above, a brief introduction to fishing net repair technology, skilled in this technology, to fishermen and fishing net manufacturers are of great significance.

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