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Selection of network box location.
Apr 07, 2018

The net box keeping fish depends on the inside and outside water body exchange, maintains the net box to have a good ecological environment, therefore, the network box sets the location environment condition good or bad, and the net box raises the fish to make the success or failure.

Set the location of the area should possess the following conditions: (1) the water wide, water stability, lee xiangyang, high water temperature, water depth 3 to 7 meters, quiet environment, water quality and pure and fresh, no pollution, ph is neutral alkali water is good; Choose water from flowing water or tidal water. The flow rate is generally 0.05 to 0.2 m/s to ensure the supply of oxygen. The water flow is too fast, and it often causes the top of the fish to swim in the top of the box, depleting its strength and affecting its growth. (3) the cages to raise silver carps, oxtail, should choose water, fertile, rich in plankton (average per litre of water containing phytoplankton quantity more than 2 million, including zooplankton to prevent more than 3000), 30-50 cm, the water transparency of sediment impurities less water. The water is cloudy, which is not conducive to the growth of plankton.

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