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Nansha will build advanced modern fishery science and technology park.
Apr 07, 2018

In recent days, the guangdong provincial government issued the opinion on promoting the upgrading of Marine fishery in the transformation and upgrading of Marine fisheries (hereinafter referred to as the opinion). According to the opinion, it will build a national modern fishery science and technology park in nansha. Develop the southeast Pacific, north Pacific, Indian Ocean and Atlantic ocean fishing.

Enforcement of maritime law enforcement has been reduced.

The "opinions" referred to in the development goals, by 2015, sea products output reached 4.6 million tons, mariculture area is stable in 210000 hectares, 2500 large and medium-sized steel fishing boats, including 300 ocean fishing boats.

It also referred to the expansion of offshore and ocean-going fisheries. Supporting qualified enterprises in the construction of the Indian Ocean, the south Pacific and the southeast Asian ocean fisheries center base, actively developing the southeast Pacific, north Pacific, Indian Ocean and Atlantic ocean fishing.

The safety of fishermen caught on the high seas is a concern. It also said that "active participation in Marine rights protection activities should be carried out in accordance with the country's deployment". Yesterday, Chen shiqin, President of the guangdong fisheries association, told reporters in nandu that they have also been encouraging fishermen to catch fish in nansha and xisha, as well as government subsidies. Currently, there are only three or four state-owned enterprises in the guangdong province. Fishing on the high seas is sometimes caught by the neighbours, "but there has been less arrest this year," he said. He hopes the government will strengthen maritime law enforcement patrols to protect fishermen. In addition, for the ocean-going fisheries center base in southeast Asia and other places, the need for the approval of the country's access to the country requires a strong enterprise operation.

Developing fishery e-commerce.

In order to strengthen fishery science and technology innovation, this opinion will be based on the guangdong ocean and fishery high-tech park, and the construction of a national modern fishery science and technology park in nansha.

There will also be new developments in the development of new aquaculture. The opinion said that the development of aquaculture demonstration field (zone) will be carried out in an in-depth manner, and the national special fund will be actively sought. We will vigorously develop facilities such as factory farming, circulating aquaculture, and deep-water net box aquaculture, and cultivate famous brand products such as prawns, tilapia and high-quality seawater fish. By 2020, there will be 300 aquaculture demonstration sites (zones), 15 deep-water network box industrial parks, 3 to 5 national modern aquaculture demonstration parks, and 80 national and provincial good breeding farms.

In terms of the processing and trading of aquatic products, we will also build a batch of leading international water products intensive processing parks and cultivate a number of well-known brands with high market share. We will support the construction of a number of Marine fishing products and the market for trade in goods and materials, and build two or three international influential commodity price formation and trading centers. We will promote the construction of online trading platforms for aquatic products and develop fishery e-commerce.

We will vigorously develop recreational fisheries.

In addition, innovating the mode of fishing port construction, focus on 10 infrastructure resources construction, berthing water area, wind disaster condition, supply ability to meet the demand of regional all kinds of fishing boats, maintenance of aquatic products trade circulation, fast and convenient, fishing port, good environment and surrounding waters fisheries management, safety monitoring and protection, such as public security fire control powerful super national standard modern fishing port. We will comprehensively promote the construction of 100 standardized fishing ports, and the construction of public welfare fishing ports will be used in the sea free sea.

We will also vigorously develop recreational fisheries. A number of fishing villages and fishing ports, featuring fishing villages, fishing harbours and sea fishing, have been built to form coastal recreational fishing zones. Combining with the national tourism leisure plan, this paper constructs an urban leisure fishing area characterized by fishing, watching and food.


We will concentrate resources on the construction of 10 ultra-national standard modern fishing ports.

We will comprehensively promote the construction of 100 standardized fishing ports.

By 2015, the production of seawater products will reach 4.6 million tons, and the sea water aquaculture area will be stable at 210,000 hectares, and 2500 vessels of large and medium sized steel fishing vessels will be built, of which 300 will be ocean-going vessels.

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