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Xiamen International Fisheries(Fishing Net) Expo
Apr 25, 2018

Fujian Daily (Reporter Wu Zaiping) From April 20th to 22nd, the 13th China International (Xiamen) Fisheries Expo and 2018 Xiamen International Aquaculture Exhibition opened at the Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition will showcase aquatic products processing, fresh aquatic products, frozen products and a series of offshore fishing products. The upstream and downstream industrial chain of aquatic products is the highlight and new highlight of this year's Fair, which showcases new technologies for aquaculture, aquaculture equipment, aquatic feed, aquatic animal protection and aquatic product additives.

Xiamen International Fisheries Expo is one of the few professional and large-scale fishery exhibitions in China. It provides a platform for the exchange and cooperation trade of friends in the global aquatic industry. This year's Fair will focus on the display of fishery products and their products, production and marketing docking, and trade negotiation. It will focus on the promotion of fishery trade exchanges and carry out a series of related supporting activities, attracting activities related to animal protection, feed, equipment and seedlings. Business participation. At this exhibition, there will be many suppliers of fishing nets and fishing gear accessories.

During the exhibition, Xiamen Fisheries Fair also added a series of forums such as “The Past Market and Future Development of Catfish”, “Internet Aquaculture in a New Era”, “Smart Fisheries Forum”, etc. sponsored by Taiwan’s fishery units to provide technology for the development of modern fisheries. Equipment support.

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