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Five easy ways to care for nylon thread
Jan 12, 2018

In the process of nylon line should pay attention to the maintenance of nylon line, nylon line quality is good or bad, not only affect the use of results and processing costs, but also affect the appearance of finished products quality. Today we will learn how to care nylon line.
1, do not and oil, salt, alkali, acid and other ingredients together.
2, do not store the nylon thread in a dry, matt, clean place, should not be stored in damp places.
3, to prevent water salt, alkali, acid corrosion line.
4, wound on the winder, too tight nylon line will lose the original flexibility.
5, do not wrap the nylon thread in the circular winder, because that would cause color fading, yellowing and other aging phenomena to be replaced in time.
See now, I do not know if you have any idea of the nylon line maintenance methods? Since we are not buying single-use nylon line, so routine maintenance work is extremely important, and only pay attention to its maintenance, it will not affect its use.

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