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Difference between carbon thread and nylon thread and distinguishing method
Jan 12, 2018

In the fishing process, we will talk about carbon and nylon lines. What is the difference between the two lines on the surface?
1. Carbon line: cut water strong, large proportion, strength, poor ductility, easy to deform. Should not float on the water.
2 nylon line: poor water cut, a small proportion, with a certain degree of scalability, more likely to float in the water.

How to personally distinguish between carbon and nylon line test it?
1. Carbon line: Ignite the carbon line, to be burnt out after the carbon line should be black powdery material, it is because the carbon line with high carbon content, the powder produced after combustion can be understood as carbon ash.
2. Nylon thread: Ignite the nylon thread, you will find that burning fast, and burn out will not produce black powder, but a bunch of go-like plastic-like material.

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