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Different types of nylon lines, respectively, what is the use
Jan 12, 2018

In everyday life, nylon thread is common to us. According to the raw materials of nylon thread, it can be divided into three categories: natural fiber nylon thread, synthetic fiber sewing thread and mixed sewing thread. So different materials constitute different types of nylon lines, respectively, what is the use of it.
Natural fiber thread also contains cotton and silk thread, cotton thread high strength, good heat resistance, suitable for high-speed sewing and durable pressing. Silk has excellent gloss, its strength, elasticity and wear-resistant properties; synthetic fiber line is divided into polyester line, nylon line, acrylic line, high strength, good elasticity, wear resistance, low shrinkage, good chemical stability , Low twist, brightly colored, mainly used for decoration and embroidery; blended fiber line contains polyester nylon line, core nylon line, mainly for high-speed and solid clothing sewing.
The use of nylon line also have to choose the right nylon line according to different purposes, to ensure that the nylon line can play the greatest function.

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