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Fish cage fish cage structure introduced
Jan 12, 2018

Cage overall structure is divided into 4 parts.
(1) frame part
Cages used to use the net before the float and sink in the water will open the net, suspended in the water can be. This simple cage is not used much now. With the development of the times, the cages are different nowadays. Some are made of hexahedron frames, which can be made of metal, wood or bamboo. This whole frame is installed, the ability to resist waves in the water, such as hypoxia in the box, the overall movement of the cage is very convenient. It is also convenient to destroy attachments with a sun netting, but it is troublesome to carry. Cage frame also has to do only a flat box, matched with the float, sink son, the net hanging in the water. This net cage drying clothes is very simple, handling is also very simple.
(2) clothing part
Network clothing sub-network skirts, net, net cover and feeding channel. Now according to some of the fish like to eat more quiet, dark habits, and some netting to do the roof shade. There are many ways of doing things: a square, octagonal, hexagonal, the largest capacity to be rounded cages. The method of making a mesh garment is to first make the shape of the mesh well, such as making a rectangle, a circle, an octagon or a hexagon, and then encircling the mesh skirt to make the box successful. The feeding channel has two functions: ① feeding; ② net cover to prevent the fish from escaping. At the bottom of most cage bottom tray to do, this tray is to prevent the loss of food.
(3) float
Float floating from the role of cages. Now there are also small cages with floats that are inserted directly into the mud with netting of bamboo or cement.
(4) Shen Zi and cable
Straighten the net from the box, the role of fixed cages.

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