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How to choose the correct fishing line length
Jan 12, 2018

Many people like to fish, but some are full of resources and others are often empty-handed. The length of the fishing line is another important reason besides the bait.

Under normal circumstances fishing line longer than the fish rod 20 cm or as long, good throw rod. According to the conventional main line or slightly longer about ten centimeters more appropriate, the soft rod length of twenty or thirty centimeters, so toss, hard rod flush on the line. Anti-fishing fishing line length depends mainly on whether you are Taiwan fishing or traditional fishing, Taiwan fishing line with the rod length or slightly longer than the rod, the traditional fishing lines generally 2-4 meters in length. Fishing grass nest should use short-term, if you want to catch a big fish, the main line should be relatively long, the saying goes, "put a long line, fishing big fish" is the truth.

Novice recommended bar length or shorter points can be 10 cm long are not in favor, because the addition of sub-lines are generally about 25 centimeters longer than the rod, especially hard to throw in the windy weather more difficult. Summer, winter, deep water or fishing line longer than the pole 60-80 cm but not easy to throw pole. However, seen more than one meter longer than the rod, the general length of the rod he stretched far easier on the fish, but also about 30 cm shorter than the bar in the game play an important part in the final number, the specific length to be specific and personal Habits used properly.

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