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Blueberry Tree Protective Net

Blueberry Tree Protective Net

Netting is one way to protect your fruit from hungry birds and squirrels while still allowing light and air into the tree's canopy. Knowing when and how to cover your trees helps you keep the fruit produced by the fruit trees instead of it going to feed hungry birds, squirrels and deer.

Fruit tree protective netting is the only way of gaining 100% protection from bird predation and crop loss resulting from birds. This can be achieved with two types of fruit tree protective netting infrastructures: the complete overhead bird netting system or single row bird netting. The complete overhead bird netting system or enclosure system works well for larger fruit trees where there is little room between the rows. The single row bird netting system works very well with dwarfs or smaller fruit trees where there is room between the rows, because it is much easier to manage.

Choose our fruit tree protective netting for blueberry trees and other soft fruit trees. Like all of our quality netting, it is made from superior UV-protected polyethylene beads. You`ll find that our fruit tree protective netting is simple to install, cost effective, and the best choice for bird control. If you need custom design? Please do not hesitate to contact with us. We`ll be glad to help with ideas to create specialized bird netting for fruit trees, tailored to your agricultural needs.

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