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High Quality Bottom Trawl

High Quality Bottom Trawl

bottom trawling is also known as “dragging”, which uses a large net made of polyethylene to catch fish.

QinHo Group (HK) Co., Ltd, a national level manufacturer of trawls in China, is your single-source supplier for every facet of fishing system, from the trawl warp to the codend. 

We have“a professional design team”, composed by 15 engineers, experiences from 30 years to 50 years. Whether deep water, shallow water, or anywhere in between; carpet sign, salt and pepper or midwater bands, QinHo Group has the very best design experience to offer. 

Different fishing styles and different applications request for different materials in the construction of the cod end. We also have the knowledge and experience to make a cod end to fit your needs. 

Good design, best price, strictly quality control with fast delivery. Our trawls have been won highly feedback among customers for its high efficiency.

I believe you can catch more with our trawls.


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