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Stainless Steel Lobaster Creel

Stainless Steel Lobaster Creel/Trap/Pot is dedicated to catching and holding lobster. It has perfect shape and provides years of continuous, reliableservice in a wide variety of applications.


Name: Stainless Steel Lobaster Creel/Trap/Pot

Size: 24*18*15 inch

Steel: diameter is 10mm

Material: HDPE nets/Nylon Nets/Steel

Stype: Made by hand


This Lobaster Creel/Trap/Pot  has versatility and durability. We can customize Lobaster Creel/Trap/Pot of various sizes according to your requirement.


Our advantage:

1. Diameter of the steel for our Crab Creel is 10mm , very strong.

2. The material we used is in highest quality which let the net more soft and strong and shinny.
3. The edges of the cage are tied with thick PP rope(5.5-6mm braided netting)

4. We have a mature professional hand team, and the average manual experience is at least 15 years. We can customize all kinds of nets as per your requirement.



OEM and ODM provided, welcome your contact for more information.

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