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Bottom Trawl

  • Nylon Beam Trawl Net

    Nylon Beam Trawl Net

    Beam trawling is the simplest method of bottom trawling , the mouth of the net is held open by a solid metal beam, attached to two "shoes", which are solid metal plates, welded to the ends of the beam, which slide over and disturb the seabed. This method is mainly...Read More
  • High Quality Bottom Trawl

    High Quality Bottom Trawl

    bottom trawling is also known as “dragging”, which uses a large net made of polyethylene to catch fish.Read More
  • Shrimp Trawls

    Shrimp Trawls

    Shrimp Trawls Shrimp trawl, as one most trawl, widely used in many areas. Body of the trawl is funnel-like, wide at its "mouth" and narrowing towards the cod end, and usually is fitted with wings of netting at the both sides of the mouth. It is long enough to assure...Read More
  • Bottom Trawl For Inshore Fishing

    Bottom Trawl For Inshore Fishing

    bottom trawl for inshore fishing Bottom trawling is trawling along the sea floor. It is also referred to as "dragging". As known, the trawl could be divided as inshore fishing and pelagic fishing. QinHo is your single-source supplier for every facet of fishing...Read More
  • Bottom Trawl For Pelagic Fishing

    Bottom Trawl For Pelagic Fishing

    bottom trawl for pelagic fishing Pelagic fishing, at a hard condition, because of the sea situation keep always changing. In this way, it have a quite high requirement to the quality of trawl, it require the designer have very professional on the construction of design. And,...Read More
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