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Pelagic Trawls

Pelagic trawls, or midwater trawls have a cone-shaped body and a closed ‘cod-end’ that holds their catch.

Pelagic trawls are generally much larger than bottom trawls and can be towed by one or two boats (pair trawling). They are designed to target fish in the mid- and surface water, such as herring, hoki and mackerel.


QinHo, is the only one in China, who has“a professional design team”, composed by 15 engineers, experiences from 30 years to 50 years. Besides, we have our own“one-stop production line” from filament to cut netting with average over 15 years“skilled handmade team”. 

We can make trawls for any marine environment: deep water, shallow water, or anywhere in between, custom made for your needed application. Our trawls are made by professional technicians with the strongest, most efficient materials available.


Our Advantage:

*The design of every trawl is tailored the fishing vessel so it can maintain optimal towing speed while trawling.

*The design is specifically made with the target species in mind.

*At the optimal towing speed, the trawl evenly filters incoming water - allowing gathered fish to travel safely into the codend.

*We constantly strive to make our trawls the outstanding fishing gear in any area – it must catch more fish, be easier to handle and last longer.

*By using only quality products and materials the trawl may last up to 100% longer than trawls made from cutting corners or saving pennies.


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