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Trawl Introduction
Feb 07, 2018

Trawl is one of the mobile nets commonly used by fishermen. Trawl is composed of six parts: wing net, back net, abdominal web, side net, triangulation net and capsule net. It is divided into parts according to the net part, wing net, rectangle, eye size 54 millimeters, width 120 mesh, 16 meters long, two pieces. Back net, web, rectangle, large 54 millimeter, 140 eyes wide, 13 meters long, each one. The side net is 54 millimeters large and 13 meters long. The width is the same as the wing net. It is connected with the wing net and is 120 eyes on both sides of the back end. Cut one eye for every 4 buckles and cut into two sharp corners. Triangle net, the size two kinds, the big triangle day 60 millimeter, the height of each 80 orders; the small triangle large 54 millimeter, the bottom width 36 eyes, the length 5 meters, each four pieces. Sac, 47 mm large, 180 eyes wide, 5 meters long, two pieces. trawl.gif

At the time of connection, the wing and the side of the net are connected to the back of the net, and the lower part of the web is connected to the ventral network, and then the size triangle is connected to the sac. The bottom class and the floating class are all wire rope. Drag the outline for the rope, 650 meters long, about two. Float glass bubble, 4 specifications, 23 gold pendant; each weighing about 1.5 kg, for cast iron pipe. Double trawl, the two ships (including wood and machine sails) have a certain distance to the same direction. With the ship said first ship, ship to ship called pull rope. On the deck of a ship with car (no wood wood cutter turbulent off), the stern level iron roller uarp guide pulley. The net, the two ships near the head, the ship will warp the other end thrown to the ship, commonly known as swing cable. The ship is on the trawl ring. Then two separate head boat are put on the net net, after two head forward, into 60 - 80 degrees. The two interval is 250 - 300 meters, the maximum shall not exceed 600 meters, a minimum of not less than 100 meters. Seine after two hours, the first ship of the net. With the ship will warp throw head boat, twist the net with turbulent bottom by car to the boom will lift net. The output is small, once a hanging bag to put fish; when the output is more, it is divided several times, commonly known as "card bag".

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