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The Wisdom Of Living In A Fishing Net. -- The Development Of The Family Network Has Changed.
Feb 15, 2018

Fishing nets have been around since ancient times.

In the original human productivity is also not very rich, for the sake of filling to make a living, appeared in the lakeside and coastal strip collecting mining bei clams, conch collecting fishery feed, which can be from the ancient human civilization life everywhere all over the China's coastal and inland relics excavated in the midden debris get proof. These new era is shellfish shell formed by pile layer was archaeological research experts identified as artificial piled up, they strongly suggests the existence of collecting the simplest way of fishery fishery formation period.

With the evolution of the original human intelligence and the accumulation of production experience, new ways and techniques for obtaining food have emerged. The emergence of fishing gear, such as hook and net, was far earlier than agricultural implements, and the subsequent development was followed by more and more species. Learn to make use of animal bones and hardwood, rod to make the gaff and harpoon and other fishing and hunting tools, realized the original human production activities in a big stride, stepped into the hook fishing after the period of our hominid ancestors with legacy in the north of the south China sea neolithic Shi Tao nets pendant, zhejiang hemudu site delicate bone netting machine, zhejiang three money overflow, hangzhou paddy fields of wood pulp of e. sites, buoys, bamboo fish basket, fishing gear, such as cultural relics shows the original conscious in the fishery ships emergence and development of the fishing nets and fishing and hunting.

The famous writers and agronomists of the tang dynasty had a comprehensive description of fishing gear and fishing techniques in the 15 "fishing gear" and "five parts of fishing gear". In the fishing gear 15 first "sequence", according to the different manufacturing materials and manufacturing methods, as well as the different purposes and usage, for the first time fishing gear into recticulum, Quan, beam, 矠 etc more than ten classes. Ming dynasty fish book will fishing gear into network types, ð ¦ ˆ  class, miscellaneous, if fishing rafts, etc In the classification of fishery tools in modern times, the fishing gear is divided into net fishing gear, fishing gear, foil and fishing gear and miscellaneous fishing gear, which are divided into four major categories, including the structure, function and operation method. As one of the most commonly used fishing tools in the history of human fishery, net fishing gear plays an important role in fishing activities.

The eastern han xu shen wrote the "said wen" has the solution - wu, net also. This is probably one of the earliest written comments on a web site. At the bottom of the temple ditch, shaanxi, henan, liaoning nahuy banpo and zhejiang, fujian, guangdong and other places of primitive culture heritage, has unearthed a large number of network weights and pottery painted decoration on the net, this is the best proof of neolithic net fishing gear which has been widely used. Also recorded ancient books, early first warlords, with "like umbrella, need 4 d and to take the" Zeng network, regularly use the difference between the tides fishing in the river, has been a common way of fishing nets, fishing at that time, this mode of Zeng net fishing, still exists in sanya local inland small fishing activities. And developed a derivative in the corners of the shallow sea waters and coral reefs plate fixation Zeng conducted four linkage operation of fishing boat, was huangshao home fishermen are one of the main methods of Marine fishing production.

Danjia fishery has a long history.

In sanya, the danjia family group is a special group. From the changes of its fishing nets, we can get a glimpse of the panther and learn about their ethnic progress and life changes.

In the inland river s life and production, in addition to using the gaff and harpoon and other auxiliary tool for fishing, huangshao family also USES Zeng home network and pouch brailer, with a long handle as a main tool for fresh water fishing. They will use the flexible branches of trees and bamboo split into wide mouth wide, narrow neck, abdomen fish cage, laid him in a narrow channel and sluggish, with scattered pieces of aquatic plants and plant outside of disguise, and in the placement of minced fish bait, such as fish and shrimp and a crab trap. The special design of the fish cage can make the fish and shrimp go smoothly but can not swim out, which can make a good trapping effect. In order to meet the needs of earning a living, danjia fishermen have got as many catches as possible. However, due to the small size of these tools, the production is not large enough to meet the production requirements. This situation can only be changed when the net of fishing nets in shallow seas, rivers, lakes, ponds and other waters can be applied at the same time.

In the old days, fishermen made the raw materials of fishing nets, mainly cotton and hemp and other plant fibers. In order to strengthen the fishing nets, it was necessary to soak pig's blood or the process of tung oil. And sanya huangshao family spinning raw materials mainly derived from abutilon tree, the bark fiber after soaking, etc processing, manual into uniform thin strip, rolling into a rope, then woven for the nets, final reoccupy thick skin of tree bark soaked out red juice dyed brown color, after impregnation process of fishing nets will increase the degree of tolerance, also can to a certain extent, reduce the water net twine, can effectively extend the service life.

Natural materials of fishing nets, whether the strength of the material, tolerance, or the sun cannot be compared with modern chemical nylon fiber material, easy to damp rot, after them into the sea, fishing nets often soaked in water, fish and the wave force pull, mesh between the rope more easily corroded embrittlement, if maintain undeserved, appear fracture damage is normalized, so in not into work, fishing nets drying and repair work, is one of huangshao home fishermen's routine work.

After fishing operations, if not in time to the nets to clean up, left in the nets and not visible to the naked eye plankton and small fish shrimp through wu stewing, will be natural warming, fermenting, accelerate the nets decay. Therefore, if it is not possible to go to sea for some time, the fishermen will spread out the unused fishing nets on the fishing boats for airing and airing. Stop the moratorium, nets, and fishing village often visible fishermen sitting on the beach began fishing nets, careful review at the net, with a sharp knife, cut broken cable, plug in again the new rope darning. People are saying often said the three days of fishing two days the net, although metaphor in daily use is no perseverance to study, work, often interrupt, no long-term adherence to the negative words, but the actual is huangshao fishermen's scientific production, real life portraiture of the hard work.

As modern PE, nylon fiber material in fishing nets popularization, the layout of modern fishery industry using the basic is the use of chemical fiber made fishing nets, both tolerance and corrosion resistant ability is far better than the past, primary fiber nets, have no the shortcoming of old net, only regular inspection repair, without the old frequent repair dry, it is also greatly reduce the labor intensity of the house of huangshao fishermen.

The fisherman weaves the net with wisdom.

The net that mankind originally constructed, presumably is not so much material choice, perhaps can only use the soft branch and rattan rope to tie a knot to tie together. Everything can only rely on the original manual era, without the help of tools, the finished product should be very rough and crude. But the human intelligence and skills are derived from every experience of overlay, everything is in awkward behavior get promoted and improved in the exercise, before people's wisdom accumulated into qualitative breakthrough - understand the power of the manufacture and use tools!

In the market, there are no mass supply of industrial fishing nets, hand-knotted web, belongs to the basic skills of the danjia women. When every day the sun rises high, coastal fishing village because of the men went to sea and appear a little quiet down, if the tour in the village, then can see wooden tents outside each small rack or under the shade of the thin film, young and old women sit together, or twisting or shuttle, mostly with netting in busy about work.

Spinning and weaving into the line after the net twine, must be a circle around the head, pointed tail straight line on the shuttle, bamboo this is a very need patience work, have to sort out a little bit tied into the rope firing a single, entwining around on the shuttle, with a net at the middle of the top of the spindle at wrap out deliberately hollow out a core rod fixed, when the two sides flat shuttle below hanging around into a full idea, make a beautiful line shuttle - of course, this is only a basic step in spinning process.

Then, directly on the trunk or did with iron hook suspension point, tied to a good fishing nets up according to the specifications to weaving nets, mesh, pick out the corresponding like a palm long rectangular bamboo plate, rod used for solid mesh size of the circle, the left hand holds the bamboo foot, his right hand holding the line shuttle, roaring, between residual wound huangshao home women doing this one process is handy! The line of the cloud, the knot of the rope, the knot, the weaving of a ruler, then draw the bamboo ruler to follow and then weaving a ruler. Inadvertently, the full line shuttle empty, long fishing nets hung down... The standard symmetry of grids and knots are orderly and orderly, rendering the beauty of a machine as balanced as a machine. It can be said that just from the process of the daily knot net, people can experience the ordinary and beautiful artistic atmosphere.

In manufacturing in fishing nets, fishing net top with pine bar produced by the float, at the bottom of the sink is mainly by TaoQiu or lead iron as the material, corresponding to the up and down, and pull the rope, so in order to be completed basic net process.

Ancient and modern network has many changes.

Fishermen will use different nets to achieve the best fishing effect, according to the difference between season and water, fishing area and fishing season. Through generations of ancestral fishing experience, to sanya, depending on the situation of huangshao fishermen make many of the features of conform to the local sea fishing nets, such as mackerel fishing net, white fish Gu, classes, swordfish, shark, hemp fishes, etc., make them in production can be more targeted for production operation, improve the production capacity.

In the song dynasty, the "qi dongye", which was written in the song dynasty, has recorded the process of catching the mackerel in the sea. The curtain also refers to what we call the gill net today, which is still used in some parts of fujian and guangdong. In the book, "the curtain is dredge, the vast and dozens of search, the two boats lead zhang, let down by the iron, down to the bottom". The transverse vertical arrangement is arranged on the fish passage, blocking or encircling the fish, causing the pectoral fin to penetrate into the mesh or be caught in the mesh.

At present, in danjia fishery in sanya, gill net fishing is a relatively common operation mode of small and medium-sized fishing boats. There are many kinds of it, the main classes are divided into a gill net, a gill net (commonly known as a streaming network), a gill net and a dragnet. Depending on the water layer, there are also floating gill-net and bottom gill net. The number of mesh sheets used in each production unit can be adjusted according to the type of operation and the size of the fishing boat, and the scope of operation is very flexible. When fishing operations are generally transection tide cloth net, nets layout in the sea will be joined together, cover the fish pathway, or surrounded by schools of fish, the fish head or fin sting net mesh, or put on the net to capture the ice. This kind of net has the size and size of the fish, not harm the young fish, and can catch the scattered fish, the operation range is broad, belongs to the improvement of the ecological requirements.

After natural selection and skill elimination in the production process, many fishing boats and nets that had been caught in the danjia fishery in sanya have been quiet. For instance must use the ship's motion to drag the net achieve fishing trawlers, because the mesh density is too large, easy to cause the Marine ecological catastrophe but known as "a gill net without issue", can only be cast in the shallow sea area drag line up but output is not high, but the human cost a lot of ground net nets, such as have quit the stage of history.

QuDaJun at the beginning of the qing dynasty, the guangdong "(17th century) mentioned Gu, wai Gu, namely the Seine. Mr. Gu eye hydrophobic, designed to catch the big fish; Wai Gu eye close to take small fish. The nets are best suited for upper-middle and upper-class fish, which can be caught in dense or close groups.

Modern purse Seine, it is made up of net and wire rope of strip shape or capsule form of large Marine fishing nets, in operation by two ship pulls the ends of the net, put the fish, gradually due to the tightening off-line on the ropes, will fish snapped the gang, high production efficiency, in recent years, as energy saving and high efficiency of light Seine fishing boats, inheritance since ancient times, the prevalent in modern Seine will also be new flower, the tree bursts become huangshao traditional fisheries to modern fishery transformation important fishing nets, shine brilliantly.

Up to now, many are recorded in history of fishing way many also come down or after improvement is still being used in production, is our early ancestors had the extremely high production capacity and technical intelligence.