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The Historical Development And Current Situation Of Fishing Net Machine.
Feb 11, 2018

Research on production, increase the intensity of talent introduction enterprise to be in an impregnable position in the spring tide of market economy, only by constantly introducing technology, talent, open up new products, improve the technological content of products. Samuel lam nets professional economic start from production, support for its characteristic economy is a pile of small and medium-sized enterprises, knowledge talent is not enough, imitation is the skill learning tension, enterprise research and development ability is weak, become the "bottleneck" of economic continuous growth.

Samuel lam township government agreed to strengthen the joint production, study and research, facilitate actively, promote the leading enterprises in golden monkey fishery science and technology co., LTD., with the Chinese academy of fishery sciences in the east China sea fisheries research institute and Shanghai fisheries university and other famous scientific research units and institutions of higher learning skills to help economy, set up a group of consecutive properly the enterprise growth and has a vast prospect of high value-added material of fishing gear and fishing tackle new products, to speed up the industrialization of the existing results.

In the introduction of talents, the high salary of huailin town has invited foreign experts and relevant professors from universities in China to teach and construct training courses, and the students of the whole town joining the Russian training class are more than 100 people. Invite experts and scholars to the research institute, the golden monkey fishery research institute has more than 30 researchers, which has promoted the continuous growth of the industry of huailin fishing net. Fishing net machine has a history of decades of development, with the continuous development of national economy, the nets machine manufacturing level, production technology has a qualitative leap, not only more scientific, automatic and more humanized and more safe.

Strengthen the collaboration of specialization, formation of industry cluster economic Samuel lam nets professional developed economic growth, the other relies on "leading enterprise" of evacuation, a pile of small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) play a guide, structure, business results. Leading enterprises around itself effective gathered a batch of small and medium-sized enterprises, and form the relatively stable production chain and production system, and make the enterprise production according to the product between the constructed base on the discussion, most of the enterprise production activities according to the relative advantage of construction, key Shared the difference of the whole industry chain, from research done open, provide the original material, spare parts, production distribution to the selling process.

Between enterprises in the specialization, fundamentally created close to, and in the help of the root constantly innovation, weaving together a to the specialized division of labor and cooperation as the basis of enterprise network, formed the industrial cluster economy. Is to establish this kind of resource utilization, complementary advantages of essentials, leading enterprises can save workshop, mechanical configuration investment, out for expenses, full use of private small and medium-sized capital, supplement their funding gap, speed up their growth, at the same time also launched on base of small and medium-sized enterprises cluster around the perimeter of the itself, to form industry cluster economy, promoted the growth of Samuel lam nets industry economy and large farmers rich together.

The rapid growth of the professional economy in the establishment of a government locust fishing net is inseparable from the value and support of governments at all levels. Nets machine manufacturer's technology is improving, the nets to produce manufacturer to use fishing nets to expand the scale of production to improve production efficiency also had a more fully understanding, believe that with the development of our national economy, fishing net machine market prospect is also getting better and better. The provincial and municipal governments cherish the growth of the fishing net industry and give preferential treatment and support to the policy. The township government, according to the necessity of economic growth, actively changes consciousness, creates an office government, and makes a strong fishing net professional economy as the tension strategy of the affluent town.

The professional economic allocation of fishing nets is based on the growth of farmers' income. Based on the market demand, it adopts various steps to promote economic growth according to the specialty industry of fishing net economy. The net machine promotes the development demand of fishing net industry. The pace of nervous everything: "pull" urban strategy, strengthen the configuration of small towns, boost economic growth: to strengthen the innovation and market transaction way to expand, to carry out a variety of trade main point to expand selling channels: the market order, fight as fake goods production and trafficking, establish the brand image of Samuel lam nets: to improve the government's public management to improve the investment environment, strengthen management, promote economic growth; To carry out government activities, formulate industrial policies and stimulate the assistance of enterprises, enterprises and governments; The township government has a certain range of enterprise factory managers, managers hold regular training, construction of travel.