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Repairment For Fishing Net And Fishing Cage
Dec 10, 2018

Fishnet repair refers to repairing the mesh with the same size of fishing net. The most common technology that fishnet manufacturers and fishermen are exposed to is “filling the net”. For fishnet manufacturers, in the country, whether there is netting or no netting, in the fishing net weaving process (within national standards), or during the shaping, storage and handling, the fishing net will always be broken. For fisheries practitioners, the technique of replenishing nets is a must, because fishing nets often have cracks during fishing operations. The frequency is proportional to the number of fishing times. Whether it is dragged, rounded or fixed, damage is inevitable. It is the same situation that occurs during the storage of the fishing net due to improper storage or removal by animals. Therefore, to ensure the normal fishing of fishing, the repair work of the net is very important.

In order to make full use of the mesh, the broken and bad mesh should be repaired. Therefore, the supplementary network has become one of the important basic technologies that fishing workers and fishing nets need to master.

Fishing net repair work is generally divided into three steps:

1. Firstly, observe the damage of the mesh. The damage of the net is varied and the degree is different. There are roughly three types: cracks, cracks and rupture of the bevel. According to the situation, after proper sorting, repair with the fishing net line.

2. Determine the method of repair according to the shape and size of the hole.

3, using appropriate repair methods for repair work, not only good quality, but also fast.

There are two ways to repair nets:

1. Compilation method is applicable to the repair of nets with small holes and cracks. In general, it is applied the most. Proficiency in the editing method to avoid the occurrence of small holes in the tearing net. The editing method is divided into a single-line editing method and a heavy-line editing method. The single-line editing method is aimed at the netting of the spur net, and the process requirements are strict. Labor and materials. The heavy-line editing method is more expensive, but the compilation speed is fast and the process requirements are low.

2. The inlay method is applicable to large holes in the fishing net. The inlay method is also called the excavation method. For the repair of large holes, the efficiency is very high, which can save time and manpower. The above briefly introduces the fishing net repair technology, and mastering this technology is of great significance to both fishermen and fishnet manufacturers.