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Different Types Of Trawl Products
Dec 14, 2018

When we are doing wholesale fishing nets, we will also see trawl products, which can be divided into many different types. Let's take a look:

The bottom mesh trawling net is a combination of hand-weaving and machine-made net. The net has a large sea-sweeping area and a small energy consumption coefficient. It is suitable for deep water operations and has high efficiency for cluster fish fishing. But it requires a higher operating technique. Although the net sweeping area and energy consumption of the netting of the bottom trawling net are slightly lower than that of the large mesh trawling, the operation technology is relatively easy. The bottom mesh of the small mesh is mainly made up of machine-cutting nets. The net has a simple structure and simple operation. It mainly catches octopus such as octopus, sea bream and shrimp.

There is also a variable-water trawling net. The net has a large sea-sweeping area, a small energy consumption coefficient, a relatively fast drag speed, and relatively complicated operation technology. It mainly catches pelagic fish such as scorpionfish and mackerel.