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How Do Fishing Nets Work
Aug 30, 2018

1. For fishing nets with shallow depth: for fishing nets below 2 meters, people can put the fishing nets into the water evenly under water. Slowly entering the water will increase the effect of catching fish.

2. For deeper fishing nets: generally more than 2 meters of fishing nets, use boats and other auxiliary tools as much as possible, the water inlet method is the same, pay attention to the fishing nets do not pull too tight.

3, you have to wait a few hours to receive the network, it is best to go online at night, close the network in the morning, the most time.

The structural material for fishing special tools is made of more than 99% synthetic fiber. There are mainly monofilament, multifilament or multifilament of nylon 6 or modified nylon, and fibers such as polyethylene, polyester and polyvinylidene chloride can also be used. There are many functions of fishing nets.

The fishing nets are functionally divided into gill nets, trawl nets (trawl nets), purse nets, net nets and nets. High transparency (partial nylon mesh) and strength, good impact resistance, abrasion resistance, mesh dimensional stability and softness, and appropriate elongation at break (22% to 25%) are required. From monofilament, multifilament twisted yarn (with netting), fishing net picture collection or monofilament weaving (raschel, no knotted net), primary heat treatment (fixed nodule), dyeing and secondary heat treatment (fixed mesh size) Made.