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China's First Fishing Net Can Catch 20 Tons Of Krill.
Sep 08, 2018

The national key special technology “Integration and Application of the Development and Utilization of Antarctic Krill Resources”, which was independently researched and developed by China and known as “China's First Fishing Net”, passed the acceptance test in Yiyang Lijiang. The fishing net will go to the South Pole with the Shanghai Ocean Fishing Team before the Spring Festival to carry out a six-month fishing operation.

       The fishing net is jointly produced by the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences and Hunan Xinhai Net Industry Co., Ltd. The net height is 31 meters, the length is 161 meters, the average diameter is 26 meters, the perimeter of the net mouth is 246 meters, and the net weight is 8 tons. According to experts, this set of fishing nets is woven with ultra-high strength polyethylene, which reduces the water resistance of the nets and improves the service life of the nets, which greatly promotes the localization of fishing equipment in China. After the new technology is put into use, one net can catch 20 tons of krill.

       At present, the Antarctic krill resources are about 400 million tons. China's fishing to the Antarctic uses all imported krill. After the technology is put into use, the production cost of fishing nets is only one-third to one-half of that of foreign products, and the performance of nets, especially energy consumption, has reached the international advanced level.