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The role of flood control net
Jan 03, 2019

     1. Intercept

The flood control net can intercept all hailstones with a diameter larger than or equal

to the mesh of the anti-smashing net, so that it can not cause damage to crops. 2. Buffer

After the hail with a diameter smaller than the mesh falls, it collides with the net line of the net. The kinetic energy of the falling ice is mostly absorbed by the anti-smashing net, which acts as a buffer. The kinetic energy of the hail after the second drop becomes very small, and the kinetic energy of the crop again hits the crop. Not enough to cause damage to crops. Due to uneven force on all sides of the net, the mesh specifications rarely have a regular quadrilateral, mostly diamond-shaped. On the other hand, hail is mostly accompanied by strong winds during the landing process. The smaller the hail is, the more affected by the wind. If there is no net, after the hail, the windward side of the crop is seriously damaged, and the leeward side is light. The hail is hitting the line at a certain angle during the landing. Therefore, the actual collision line probability of the flood control net will be much higher than the theoretical value; finally only a few hailstones are directly passed through the mesh, on the one hand, the number is small, on the other hand, the small particles are small, so it will not cause serious harm to crops. The surface of the flood control net is passively beaten.It is actually a positive and effective defense measure. The successful development of this technology has replaced the anti-aircraft artillery for many years. It is a major technological innovation in the history of artificial flood control. The mathematical probability theory is used to analyze the probability of the hail impact on the network, and the probability model of the

hail impacting the net is obtained.

α four = 2LR-R2L2 × 100% (R < L)

R is the diameter of the hail and L is the length of the moth-proof net. Using the flood control network collision line probability model to accurately assess the damage caused by different regions and different specifications of hail nets to crops, and determine the appropriate mesh specifications based on the hail occurrence rule, which can provide a theoretical basis for artificial flood control of crops in the reclamation area.


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