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Dip Net
Jan 03, 2019

The dip net is a small net fishing gear consisting of a net bag, a frame and a handle. Such as the ancient network. Most of them are talking in shallow waters and working in shallow waters. 

Dip net fishing gear is a small fishing gear for coastal operations.

The three secrets of dip net are quasi, steady and fast.

Principle of fishing
The principle of operation is to catch small fish and shrimps along the coast by means of hand pushing, skimming or ship driving. The net fishing gear has a long history of operation, simple structure and low fishing efficiency. The long-handled circular dip net is often used as a by-catch to extract the catch from the net.


1. Classified according to the structural characteristics of the net
It is divided into one type of pocket dip net. The pocket dip net is composed of a bracket and a pocket net, and the net size of the net is generally small, and is operated by one person. The dip net, which is a sub-fishing gear, has a smaller size. For example, the squid dip net in Guangxi is a small fishing gear that specializes in catching squid (Chinese squid) in the shallow sea. First collect the squid with light, then use the dip net to catch directly.
2, according to the dip net operation mode
Divided into a shift dip net 1 style. The structural characteristics of the dip net are: fixing the pocket-shaped net to the frame (triangular, round, etc.), and relying on hand pushing, boat pushing or skimming to achieve the purpose of fishing. Fujian’s light-trapping nets, Shandong’s prawn push nets, and Jiangsu’s nets all belong to it. The working fishery is generally a shore reef or tidal flat water with a few meters of water depth along the coast. Near the operating fishery, the production cost is low, the operation technique is simple, the labor intensity is large, and the catch is generally low. In order to improve the catch efficiency, some combine the light-induced operation, and some combine the tidal fluctuations, and work when the tide is low.

Most of the net fishing gears are manpower moving in shallow waters, and a few use the rafts to work with wind (or hang up). There is also the habit of using the fishing objects to lay eggs on the island reefs, and directly rely on the mountains to copy fish to achieve fishing purposes.

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