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The method of identification of fishing gear.
Aug 18, 2018

How to identify fake and shoddy products? To identify whether the product quality meets the relevant national and industry standards and requirements, it is difficult to make a correct judgment by looking at the eye and touching it by hand. Any expert in the industry can't do this. You must ask for professional inspection. Only when the organization goes to the inspection can it make an accurate judgment. But for some fake and shoddy products, you can use the eye to see, nose sniffing, hand to touch and beat and other simple methods, you can also identify.

        Generally speaking, the mesh and rope produced by recycled materials are darker in color. The most important thing is the recycled raw materials. The color of the waste is deep and shallow. In order to cover up this color, the manufacturers generally make them dark green and dark green. Or black, mainly to cover the color of the recycled material, but not all production products are produced with recycled materials, because dark colors are also used as needed. If the color of the product produced with recycled materials is not very deep, if it is light color, the product has obvious color difference in appearance. As the saying goes, this color is flower. The appearance of recycled materials is relatively rough, the gloss is relatively poor, and the hand feels harder. If the product is placed on the concrete floor, if there is a powdery thing falling out, it can be judged that the product is not made of recycled materials, and the raw material is doped with impurities such as talc. It can also be identified by the nose sniffing, that is, the fishing net, the net thread and the rope made of recycled materials have a smell or a strange smell. The water immersion method can identify the polyamide, which is nylon nylon. Generally speaking, the price of polyethylene and polypropylene is relatively low. When the nylon is sold, it can be identified by water immersion. What is the reason? Because the specific gravity of nylon is greater than water, and the proportion of ethylene polypropylene is less than water, so just look for a cup, or bowl, put on water, cut a small sample on the rope or the wire, or even pull a few wires. , placed inside glass, pressed it to the bottom of the cup, gently let go, and rise to a Polyethylene or polypropylene, sink to the ground and that is nylon. This is an effective way to quickly identify polyethylene or polypropylene as a nylon.

        Choose a reliable quality fishing net, cable, rope, and pay attention to the problem. When buying a fishing net, there is no hole in the mesh, or a leaky film. The so-called leak film is not playing the net world. Look at the thickness of the net part of the fishing net is not the same, the net industry should be relatively firm, the hand can not be obvious The slippage, the end angle of the cable, whether you are straight or horizontal, should be relatively neat, can not appear obvious end length, the length of the end angle is called happy retina in our industry, this network is often not strong . When choosing a rope, it is best to use a vernier caliper to measure its diameter. It is the same as the seller said. In the natural state, it is normal to measure the diameter directly by about 5%. Because the correct diameter of the rope is calculated in the laboratory's tensile test, it can be measured after the tension is applied. Also look at the rope strands in the rope is not even, the thickness of a rope in the strands is not the same, whether the twist is appropriate.

        The arrangement of the strands should be flat and tidy. Like the middle of the three strands, there can be no loose stocks, and one stock is tight. If the ropes are tight, they are called “Northern stocks” in our industry. The strength of the “Northern stocks” is poor. The structure is similar, so the purchase of the cable is the same as the rope. However, the network cable is generally not the diameter, but the number of a single network cable single count, it should be said that the number of single roots of a certain network cable is the same. Can not appear multiple stocks, such as 21 strands, that is, a stock has been missing the monofilament, there may be a 16, there are 18, so that your line is the same as the rope, the performance is not neat, "Northern shares", the network line "Northern shares" we call Ma, the quality of this type of network cable is also relatively poor.

        In addition, there should be no connectors or one or two connectors at the end corner cable. It is the normal network cable for the machine. You find that there are a lot of wires in a network cable. You can judge the cable that is hand-twisted, the cable of the machine is better than the cable. The network cable for the work is better. How many years can a cage or a fishing net made of a good quality fishing net be used? According to our investigations and experiments, the mesh made of new raw materials and the nets made of fishing nets, whether you are breeding cages or raising them in the lake fence, it is no problem for two to three years. If you use it properly, the lifespan can be longer.

        Someone asked what is used properly? I would like to introduce to you that the most important factor causing the aging of synthetic fibers is the destruction of the molecular structure of the fibers by the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight. Many fishermen’s brothers will find that the cages or blocks above the water surface are worse than the underwater ones. In particular, the waterline part is the fastest. This is the result of the destruction of the molecular structure of the fiber by ultraviolet rays. Because the water surface can reflect sunlight, the fishnet near the waterline receives the most ultraviolet rays in the sunlight, and thus the fastest. The underwater part, because the sun is absorbed by the water, greatly reduces the fiber aging process, so it is not easy to break. Understand this truth, our fishermen's friends can use the water or underwater part of the cage or block for a certain year. Or don't let the mesh of the waterline part be fixed in that place, but think of a way to raise the mesh to the surface a little, or to drop a little on the water. This will extend the life of the cage or block. When cages or nets are not in use, they should be collected and kept in a dark, ventilated, dry place. Do not let them be exposed to the sun and rain, so that they can shorten their service life in vain.

        Of course, some fishermen’s brothers have asked me, I don’t want the cages I bought, and the nets I bought can be used for two to three years. I only need one year, or I will use them for a few more months. That's enough. Some fishermen's brothers say that some places are not so important. Anyway, they are not immune to the power. Can I buy products made from cheaper recycled materials? I don't think so.

        In fact, this view is completely wrong. It is the lack of product knowledge, affecting the safety of ropes and cables. The important technical indicator is the breaking strength. According to our testing of cordless products, the diameter of the rope is the same, or Under the condition that the number of single wires of the network cable is the same, the breaking strength of the former is only about 50% of the latter, and some even only 30%. Such a fishing net made of recycled materials not only has a short service life, but also in the process of breeding and fishing, it is inevitable that the net is broken and the fish is escaped. Because the network cable is good, the net is good, the cable should bear 100 kg of breaking strength. As a result, the cable that you sell with recycled materials, although the thickness is the same as the new wire, but the actual strength is only 30 kg. 50 kilograms, of course, you must escape the fish.

        When fishing, the fishing nets were lost, the cages were broken, and the fish escaped. Is the quality of the fishing nets and ropes bad? I can tell you that some production accidents are caused by the poor quality of fishing nets or ropes. For example, in 1994, the fishermen’s brothers in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province, used inferior polypropylene ropes. The fishermen’s brothers were also injured and caused great property damage. This is a typical example of a production accident caused by poor product quality. However, there are some cases where the fishermen’s brothers have chosen the specifications themselves, causing us to lose the net or break the net. This is like building a house. It should be made of wood with a diameter of 20 cm. The girders, the house will not fall, but since you used a wooden beam of 18 cm, the result of the house fell, can you say that the quality of the wood beam is not good. Therefore, whether it is fishing nets or fishing net cages, the selection of thicker cables and ropes must be scientifically determined to determine the different fishing nets, different sizes of fishing nets, different working areas, and different cultures. Objects, different breeding environments, different breeding densities, different choices of cable and rope thickness are different. If our fishermen's friends can't accurately grasp this knowledge, they can ask some professional knowledge personnel.

        Fishing nets, ropes, nets, and public opinion judge whether the gas quality is a qualified national and industry standard? I can answer you clearly. The network cables, fishing nets and ropes I have just mentioned have current national or industry standards. When fishermen’s brothers buy products, they should ask the manufacturer or the store to ask which standard the product meets, or the enterprise standard. , then the technical indicators in the enterprise should be stricter than the national standards and industry standards, which is stipulated by the People's Republic of China Standardization Law. You should know that national and industry standards can be found through the China Agricultural Quality Standardization Network, or the China National Standardization Administration Committee Network, or consult the National Aquaculture Standardization Technical Committee Fishing Gear and Fishing Gear Materials Classification Committee. What if I buy a bad product or have a doubt about the quality of the product? Here I tell you that if you sell a commercial recycled product that is pretending to be a new material and sell it to you, you can file a complaint with the local industry and commerce administration or the local consumer association. The key is that our fishermen's friends must obtain the invoice from the store when they purchase the product. The invoice should indicate the name, specification, quantity, unit price and other factors of the product. Do not think that it is used by itself. Whether or not the invoice does not matter, If you do not ask the store for an invoice, then after the quality problem occurs, the complaint to the relevant department will become a complaint, the management department will be difficult to handle, and it will be difficult for you to seek justice and justice, if the fishermen’s brothers buy it for themselves. When the quality of the product is in doubt or when some quality disputes occur, it can be applied to the professional testing institution with legal status to apply for testing and testing together with the manufacturer and the seller. I hope that some knowledge about fishing gear and fishing gear materials will be introduced to you. It can help our fishermen's friends when they buy fishing nets, nets and ropes.

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