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How to Use Throw Nets for Fishing
Dec 03, 2018

There are many ways to cast nets, some methods have been lost, but the purpose of casting nets is only two, one is farther waters, one is closer to the waters, and the far and near methods are different, we compare The general two-handed net method, a brief introduction, first the net cylinder rope and the above network clockwise O-ring around the left hand, the left hand lifts the net, the right hand spreads the following fish net, the right hand lifts the near middle part of the mesh A network cable, squatting on the left hand, at this time with the right hand finger to divide the fish net part into two parts, and then divided into left and right hands, hands flat fish net, left and right hand spacing 40CM, the front side of the eye observation 10M water cleaning, the right hand to move the left hand, hands to keep Sprinkle forward in parallel.

Far and near are somewhat different. Nearly is the action of propping up the net with both hands, while far-spreading is the process of opening the net by the net, and the fish net relies on inertia to open the net, because it needs to be applied when it is far away. The big force, the method of finishing the fish net in front is the same as the right hand net when throwing, the left hand grabs the fish net at 20CM below the right hand, similar to the posture of the squat, then the double wall swings, so that the net buffers, then the angle is 30 degrees into the distance Throwing, the net is slowly spread out in the first 10M range. When it is 10-15M, it is completely opened and merged into the water. The net needs the coordination of the hand, waist and eye. It should be slowly grasped from the near to the far. It should be noted that Every time you have to clean up the leaves, weeds and other debris in the net pocket to prevent the fish net from hanging and can not be opened.

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