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How do we reduce the damage caused by sudden changes in the weather?
Nov 21, 2018

I. When opening the ditch, increase and deepen, and place the seedlings in deep water.
II. In the early stage of crab seedlings, regular use of Wujin cream + nano black gold fertilizer water to cultivate high quality algae stable water quality
III. When the weather changes suddenly, anti-exciting spirit + gold polysaccharide + stress hard shell spirit reduces stress and enhances crab body
2. Soft shell damage at high pH during high temperature
At the end of June and the beginning of July, there was an explosive clamshell in the mouth of the same period of time, because the climate was good throughout the year, the water temperature was suitable, most of the ponds were long and the photosynthesis was too strong during the day, leading to the mouth of the mouth. High pH. We use P1 equipment to detect that the pH value of Tangkou is generally maintained between 9.5 and 12. Such water quality conditions are strong bases. Such a very high pH value is very likely to cause supersaturation of dissolved oxygen during the day, reaching 15 mg/l or more at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, which causes the crab to cause bubble disease and corrode the crab crotch, which makes it difficult for the crab to fall off. The optimum dissolved oxygen range is 5-8mg/l, and the water quality condition is controlled in time by using the P1 intelligent water quality detector.
Similarly, the water-rich pond mouth to the night is too strong to breathe, resulting in a large oxygen consumption in the mouth of the pond, and the crab clam shell is basically in the early morning, it is also the most oxygen-deficient time of the day. Secondly, the crab culture has reached the middle and late stages, and the content of calcium in Tangkou is getting lower and lower. The crab clam shell must require a large amount of dissolved oxygen and nutrients, encounter low dissolved oxygen, strong alkali water environment, when the calcium content is insufficient, the clam shell will naturally appear!

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