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How does a fishing net spread?
Mar 10, 2018

Two sa method: so part of the fishing nets JueZi with his left hand and a third, right hand will net JueZi hung on the thumb (this is the most important when the net with their thumb good hook net JueZi mouth purposes) to hold the rest of the part so, his hands to keep a distance, to facilitate action since the body on the left side of the right hand with your right hand out, then send the front-end ports of the left hand, with the right thumb with live web JueZi, timely send out. Practice it a few times and learn it slowly. Features are not dirty clothes, and can be operated in the chest depth.

Turn the method: good net, mention the most on the left side of the part, about 50 centimeters away from the mouth on the left elbow, left hand holding a third so flat end, right hand holding one-third more along with pegs, cast the net when successively sent out his right hand, left elbow, the left hand. Characterized by fast, easy to dirty, suitable for shallow water, suitable for beginners.

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