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Cage device type
Jan 12, 2018

Cage device type
According to the different conditions of the water area, the objects to be reared and the types of cages, there are three kinds of methods of cages in China currently.
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(1) floating cage
Box mesh on the Gang around the tied tied with bamboo and other framework made of bamboo, mesh around the next Gang Department of sinking sub-frame, the frame at both ends with rope tied with the anchor, the upper mouth with a mesh seal, the frame tied Floating on the water.
Cage structure is simple, more materials than the province, strong wind resistance, with the water level, wind direction, free flow of water and floating. General settings in the open water, water instability, the ship less water surface.
Cages have single-box floating and multi-box floating. Single box floating is a single box set up a site, with single or double anchor anchor. The water exchange is good, easy to transfer boxes and clean the cage, but the wind resistance is poor. Multi-box floating cage is 3-5, in series into a column, anchored at both ends, the distance between each column of cages should be greater than 50 meters. This method occupy less water, the relative concentration of management, suitable for large-scale development, but the production is not as good as a single box floating.

(2) fixed cage
Generally open cage, connected by a pile and crossbar into a frame, the cage hanging in the frame, the outline is not mounted float, the upper and lower corners of the cage connected to the upper and lower rings or pulleys, easy to adjust the cage Lift and wash, fishing and more. Network revealed 0.7-1 meters above the surface water, net underwater 1.5-2.5 meters. Usually the box can not be raised and lowered with the water level, this method is only applicable to small changes in water level shallow lakes and plain reservoirs. The advantages are that the cost is low, the operation is convenient, the management is easy, the wind resistance is strong, the disadvantage is that it can not be migrated and it is difficult to set up in the deepwater area, and the habitat environment of the fish in the cage often changes with the water level change. .

The company is located in:
(3) Sinking cage
The entire cage sinks underwater at a predetermined depth. Net body from the impact of changes in the water level, mesh attachments less affected by the storm, the impact of water is small, suitable for marine cage fish and wind and waves of large locations. North China is often used as a wintering winter fish. The disadvantage is the inconvenient operation, fish growth and low production levels.

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