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Trammel Nets

Trammel Nets

A trammel net consists of two/three layers of netting with a slack small mesh inner netting between two layers of large mesh netting within which fish will entangle. These nets are strings of single, double or triple netting walls kept more or less vertical by floats on the headrope and mostly by weights on the groundrope. These are occasionally set in strings.

Trammel net is two/three layers of netting tied together on a common floatline and common lead line. The two outer layers of netting (known as walls or brails) are constructed out of large mesh netting (12" to 18" square) with a twine size of #9 multifilament nylon or 0.81mm to 0.90mm monofilament. 

The walls are taped to the inner mesh and are suitable for machine or hand rigging. They are quicker to rig than gill nets because you don't need to count the meshes. The tape soon washes off leaving the net hanging on the staples or the walls can be locked to the ropes as with conventional trammel rigging. Any of the nets can be supplied rigged and the range includes nets suitable for anchoring, bottom drifting and mid-water drifting. 

Trammel net is based on OEM product. If you are interested in it, please don’t hesitate to contact us


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