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PE Fishing Nets

QinHo is specialized in producing and exporting quality fishing nets and rope for commercial fishing, we also supply our customers with trawl nets assembled by our skilled handmade team with average over 15 years. The PE fishing net has high breaking strength, good wear resistance, high finish, anti-violet, anti-fouling, anti-aging and long service lifespon.

Our company has always been in the leading position in the netting industry for its technology and production. 


Depth way stretching is done by vacuum capsule stretching machine which will let the nets more orderliness and good looking; While Length way Stretching is done by electric heating which make the net much more straight and shinny.


If you want to get a quotation for our fishing net, please provide us the details as following:
(1) Thickness/twine:
(2) Mesh Size:
(3) Mesh length and mesh depth:

(4) Stretch way: Depth way stretched or Length way stretched?
(5) Color:
(6) the breaking strength if you know, or where area fished and species fished:
(7) Knot: Single knot or Double knot or Knotless:
(8) Selvage: Double Selvage/Single-selvage/ No selvage:


Also, may I know that, the quantity(how many) you maybe need? In this case, we can offer you more suitable quotation. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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