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HDPE Building Safety Net

HDPE Building Safety Net

It can be used for all kinds of construction sites, especially high-rise buildings. It can effectively prevent personal injury, falling damage of objects, prevent fire caused by electric welding sparks, reduce noise and dust pollution, achieve civilized construction, protect the environment, and beautify the city.


  • 1.This vertical netting for construction has finer opening to 2000 mesh/m2 compared to common vertical safety net(mas.800 mesh/m2). So it can prevent articles with bottom area under 1m2 and offers better safety features.

  • 2.Our vertical netting for construction safety is knitted with very special method. Firm knots,uniform openings and sizes. It is firm,tough,durable and economic.

  • 3.This products offers good air permeability and light-admitting quality,it can be closed for working and keep the constructional site nice and clean.

  • 4.Our Scaffolding Net for construction safety offers high strength,good elasticity,easy installation,non-pollution.It is environment-friendly,soft,anti-aging,corrosion resistant,worm resistant,cold resistant,etc.

We are a professional net maker and provide various fishing nets more than 40 years. The only one of one-stop production in China from filament to cut netting. We can customize all kinds of nets as per your requirement.


     OEM and ODM provided, welcome your contact for more information.

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