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Zhejiang Marine Aquaculture Research Institute To Build A Fishery Big Data Platform Together With The Ninth Power.
Mar 29, 2018

Zhejiang institute of Marine aquaculture nine power of big data, hand in hand to build fisheries data platform, effective implementation of fishery production automation, intelligent decision-making, management, digital, promoting the development of modern fishery industry.

Recently, the breeding base of a fishery park in zhejiang province has undergone an unusual transformation, covering an area of about 30 mu of fishpond cement, with 4 long "runways". According to company owner, new air water system can make large yellow croaker, spotted maigre fish in circulating water "runway" to grow, merrily area is set outside the "runway" keep clam and shrimp, can effectively improve the survival rate of larvae and fish ponds production. After the fish droppings and lures are collected in the sedimentation tank, they can also be used as farmland fertilizer to achieve the "zero water body" emission. The transformation will greatly enhance the cultivation and production capacity, and become the income of farmers.

This is a miniature of the transformation from "sweat fishery" to "intelligent fishery" in zhejiang province. In zhejiang province in recent years, vigorously developing ecological fishery, intensive, standardization construction, and actively promote the introduction of new varieties, new technology, experiment and demonstration, to scientific and technological innovation leading to boost fishery supply side structural reforms.

At present, the fishery still USES the traditional way of large amount of resource consumption and extensive operation, and the water quality environment is not monitored effectively in the process of fish farming. Breeding in the process of feeding and unreasonable drug use, greatly deteriorate the quality of the water environment and affect the quality of aquatic products, increase the occurrence of diseases of aquatic products, make the quality and safety of aquatic products, water environment pollution, aquaculture risk problem is very serious. All these problems have forced the traditional fishery to transform and upgrade. It is imperative to master accurate and reliable breeding data, scientific breeding and improving fishery quality and competitiveness.

To this end, zhejiang Marine aquaculture research institute commissioned nine power data development and construction of intelligent fishery big data platform. To grasp the aquaculture water quality, aquatic environment, weather information, such as abnormal alarm information in time and water quality early warning information, and may, according to the monitoring results, real-time adjustment control equipment and feed feeding equipment, realize the scientific cultivation and management of aquaculture, effective guarantee sustainable development of fishery.

Relying on nine power of big data leading technology and professional experience, following the maturity and practical principle of the usability, security, scalability, wisdom fishery production platform integrated the technologies of big data, GIS, Internet of things, such as innovative technology, the intelligent visualization system of circulating water cultivation, the wisdom of fishery production and management system based on Internet of things, and based on the wisdom of the Android fishery production management system of three parts, universal coverage of fishery industry chain service management.

Intelligent circulating water aquaculture key construction three-dimensional visualization system shows, a circulating water dynamic display module, in the form of combination of dynamic and static state, three-dimensional visualization, the layout of the simulation shows the base and the base in the circulating water utilization.

The wisdom of using Internet technology to establish a fishery production management system, responsible for production monitoring, water quality monitoring, intelligent control, production management, and other functions, real-time sensor data show that aquaculture environment, summarizing the results of the analysis, breeding management, information services, efficient combination of status display.

Wisdom fishery production management system based on Android, focuses on the production control, water quality monitoring, intelligent control, production management, users anywhere at any time using the smartphone control production situation of aquaculture and environmental monitoring information.

Wisdom fishery fishery data resource value, big data platform for comprehensive mining with huge amounts of data and data insight for the technical support and a strong driving force, effectively realized the digital fishery production automation, intelligent decision-making, management, promote transformation and upgrading of modern fisheries in China.