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What Are The Types Of Fishing Ropes?
Mar 17, 2018

Fishing nets are an indispensable fishing tool for fishery production, and they are also the fishing nets used by fishermen when they were first caught in the sea. Next, let's take a look at the types of fishing nets.

Commonly used are single-vessel trawls, double-vessel trawls, bottom trawls, fences, drifting nets with sea currents, and fixed nets placed on the sea floor. The size of the mesh depends on the size of the target.

In fact, as early as in the Ming Dynasty of China, shallow fishing nets such as scorpion nets and stick nets appeared; after the Qing dynasty, fishing nets for far-reaching fishing nets appeared, while inland fishermen used to catch small fishing gear. Modern nets are woven from nylon rope.

The major fisheries that had been used for fishery production include scorpion nets, stick nets, push nets, arch nets, ground nets, insert nets, grab nets, stick nets, pull nets, drift nets, trawl nets, nets, rotary nets, and Zhang nets. , fishing hooks, fishing rods, fishing rods, foils, river fences, nets, dip nets, nets, hanging nets, slippery foil nets, crab pots, crabs, etc. Among them, pull nets and drift nets are often used for fishing in distant seas, and sticky nets are used for inland rivers and offshore fishing.


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