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Sudden Crisis! 32 People Were Trapped In A Fire Fishing Boat In The East China Sea. A Slight Accident Was A Major Accident...
Dec 26, 2018

On the night of December 22, on the East China Sea, the wind was 9 and the waves that were blown up reached nearly 4 meters. In the huge waves, three marine law enforcement vessels lined up with law enforcement members. They went to the East China Sea more than 360 nautical miles from the coast to rescue a group of crew trapped on a fire vessel.

Location of the fire vessel, 29 degrees 34 minutes north latitude, 127 degrees 18 minutes east longitude, 1955 sea area in the East China Sea, 360 nautical miles offshore. If there is no timely rescue, the 32 crew members on board will all be buried in the sea. After receiving such an emergency call, the customer service staff Han Mei did not hesitate, and quickly reported directly to the company's chairman Xia Linduo. Xialin immediately contacted the Taizhou Ocean and Fisheries Bureau to request assistance. They formed a WeChat group dedicated to rescue through WeChat. The main leaders of the Taizhou Ocean and Fisheries Bureau, the sea-pass customer service, the captain of the police and the captain of the surrounding fishing boats were pulled into the WeChat group.

On the afternoon of December 23, the Chinese Sea Superintendent No. 7038, which received the rescued crew, set sail and returned, but the speed of the ship was forced to slow down because the sea and waves were getting bigger. "We can only take the S-shaped route to eliminate the waves, otherwise the hull can't afford it."

The China Sea Supervisor No. 7008 continued to stay at the scene and observed the Zhejiang-Zhejiang Fishery 32890.

Because of the great wind and waves on the sea, the Chinese sea surveillance ship No. 7038 and Qilianyu 61709 were seriously damaged. The crew members of the rescued crew and Qilianyu 61709 were transferred to the China Sea Supervisor No. 7038, and returned to Taizhou to ensure the safety of personnel.

Wu Junjie said that the rescue operation can be carried out so smoothly and smoothly, thanks to the command, the cooperation of all parties, and the benefit of the implementation of the maritime marshalling production 

system, so that the fishing boats can carry out self-rescue and Mutual rescue, won time for successful rescue, and benefited from the advancement of maritime communication technology.

“I would like to thank the two comrades Xia Linduo and Han Mei of Haitong Company for their quick response and accurate information provided by their technical equipment,” he said.

On the morning of December 24, rescuers sent photos and news from the sea, saying that the weather has turned better and the winds and waves have weakened. The Chinese sea surveillance ship No. 7038 is currently accelerating to 18 knots. If it is successful, it is expected to arrive at Wenling at 11:30. Outside the port of Shitang.